Allow me to introduce you to my community...

Sedona is like no other place on earth.  It is magical, majestic, and my home (where I  proudly raised my daughter since she was a baby).  Here you can paint a picture, hike 100's of trails, relax, ride your bike, fish, and enjoy endless activities .... while your senses enjoy the time of their life.  The wine community is exploding in Page Springs and Cottonwood ... and the quality of restaurants to choose from across the Verde Valley has become and is becoming nothing less than exceptional.  And you can be part of it anytime you choose.  Life happens to us when we happen to life in the now.


Is it a home you seek, or vacant land to build your dream one day?  Will it be your primary residence?  A vacation home, or a great  investment to balance your portfolio in todays rental market?  I know Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, and have a vast knowledge of the entire Verde Valley.   And working for Coldwell Banker, with access to a huge data base, I can find the perfect match for YOU.  With market conditions, and interest rates being so low, it's the best time to buy property in years.  It would be wise to start your search now, there are some wonderful homes ready to live in, and of course like everywhere ... FORCLOSURES AND SHORT SALES, but honestly there's very few to choose from within our market.  In certain categories, we've approached a "sellers" market - which is amazing, but true.   Until erosion takes the red rocks down, we'll be a very desirable community, for a very long time!!  So if this is where your heart wants to be ... or it's the perfect place to raise a family, or just somewhere the sun kisses every golf ball into the deep blue sky ...  Sedona awaits.  I don't know exactly how many perfect days we have weather wise, but I can safely say it's over 300 .... do the math on that for happiness.  Summer is coming, join us in wearing tee shirts and riding the trails ..... could be the right time.  Just saying!!


And if you are lucky enough to live here, but need to sell your property, I can do that as well, including the marketing of investments. I will earn your respect and trust by showing you what I do - not just telling you.  If you'd like to find out the value of your home or property, go to my "Your Home Value" page and submit a CMA request. I will do the research for you. This is a service, part of what I feel my job should be.  It will be an honest and fair assesment, not just something I think you want to hear.  And when the deal is finished ... you will get a "thank you" and a "smile."  Stop just dreaming about it, start living it TODAY !!  Oh, by the way, I'M ALSO A MEMBER OF THE PHOENIX VALLEY MLS - SO I CAN HELP YOU THERE AS WELL, AND HAVING GROWN UP THERE - I KNOW THE AREA.  THE INVESTMENT POTENTIAL IS AT PEAK PERFORMANCE RIGHT NOW ... RENTALS ARE CONTINUING TO BE AT A PREMIUM.  REAL DEAL!!